One  Day  Rooms 

Customize your space to be one-of-a-kind 

Unique Wall Treatments


   -Plaster treatments

      -2 Tone paint colors

​   -Many options available. 

*Additional fee and time may be required for installation depending on room size.

Hand Painted wall art

   -Customize to match the rooms colors perfectly*

Custom name lettering

Unique Wall Treatments

​    -Stripes (may require additional time depending on the package)

-Added custom upholstered cushion optional*

Unique wall treatments

     -Faux brick aging (some time restrictions may apply)

 All packages come with a minimum of 2 customized options, or purchase additional for only $50 each!*

Custom wall art ​(combine with other custom options or use your own existing art pieces)

   -Painted, Fabric or wallpaper      backgrounds

   -Unique adornments

   -Shabby Chic Framing

"Wall-paper" like stamps

  -choose from a variety of shapes

Stenciled framework

-Choose how aged you want your item

Custom Wall Framing

Framed wallpaper inserts.

   - Choose from a wide variety, or provide your own.

Frame your existing art

Wainscoting (additional time may be required)*

Custom enlarging and framing of art

Wainscoting (some restrictions may apply)*

Custom Wall Stripes

Chair Rail 

   -Choose from 3 options 

   -Additional styles available for an additional price

​   -Additional time may be required

Custom fabric background

Custom Headboard *

-includes a variety of fabrics and shapes

-Tonal buttons included

-King size an additional $50

Custom Wall Framing

      -2 Small (24 inches or less) OR -1 Large

*We accommodate most of the custom options for most  standard sized rooms without an additional fee. However, each room has its own unique set of advantages and challenges

so in some cases there may be an additional small fee or extra amount of time needed to use certain customizing options. Thank you for understanding!

Choose from the listed items below. Have an idea not listed? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it!


- Additional fee and time may be required depending on room size*

Customize your bed

     Shabby Chic furnishing treatments

​   -Chair options provided but can also use a chair

    of your choice

Matthew 5:16

Hand painted art to perfectly coordinate with room's colors*